Literary Review

July 2009
by Jessica Mann

An insider’s view of insider trading … 

… written with vigour and authority



The Telegraph 

22 July 2009
by Jeremy Jehu

Jeremy Jehu gets the adrenalin going with the latest batch of thrillers 

City of Thieves is … a potent indictment of the City’s mindless, reflexive greed …



INSEAD Business School

11 August 2009

by INSEAD Knowledge

Cyrus Moore’s first novel, ‘City of Thieves’, is well timed 

A thriller that puts the boot into bullies and crooks in the City of London and the rest of the financial world may well sell better now that investment bankers are our favourite villains.

… The author is obviously good at numbers and analysis. His description of deals feels authentic, as you might expect from a former telecom analyst ….



International Business Times

12 August 2009
by Andrew Wood

The writing is to the point

It’s a good read. The plot involves sex, money, murder, betrayal and Middle East politics, as well as some East Asian-style philosophising about loyalty and integrity. There’s also a main character out for revenge for what happened to his best friend ….



The Wharf 

2 July 2009
by Rob Virtue

A story many of us who have to make moral judgements in ordinary lives can relate to

When Cyrus Moore wrote a thriller about City greed no-one wanted to know. It’s a
different story now.

It was seven years ago when Cyrus Moore completed a novel on the battle between honour and greed in the City. But publishers showed little interest in a thriller based in the finance sector. Now with the industry on its knees that has all changed and Cyrus’ tale of an analyst’s fight to do what is right is hitting the shelves across the world.



Shots mag

July 2009
by Fiona Messenger

An excellent tale 

In this book he [Moore] has done the unthinkable: he’s made City mechanics interesting … and manages to write with intelligence without being patronising.

Moore moves the plot at a decent pace, making sure that the reader understands all reasoning and motive before moving on, but he does this in such a way that you barely notice. There is love interest, which these days seems to be inevitable, but, importantly, they are plot crucial, unlike so many “let’s throw them in to bed together because I need to regroup” novels, of which there is a plethora.

There are rich and powerful people involved in the plot, and it isn’t the run of the mill ‘scamming the scammers’ tale, but a lot more involved and it really draws you in. The book is also frighteningly convincing, and could get you really concerned about the real shenanigans going on, which despite various Audit and Financial commissions, could take a long time to get uncovered, and when they do, it may not be much unlike the way Moore’s book ends. Again, frighteningly convincing.

This is an excellent tale … and I highly recommend it.



Good Reads

14 January 2011
by Mango

A fun, enlightening, fast read

Commercial fiction perfectly suited to our times: set against the backdrop of the credit crisis, with investment bankers as the villains. Author Moore, a real-life financial analyst, invites us for an inside view of the big brokerage houses – with insider trading, price fixing, and testosterone-laden, greedy, and cutthroat men (yes, mostly men) who inhabit that world. Moore’s description of the insider financial world feels authentic. The various plot lines twist, turn, and come together in the end. And the multi-national characters (European, American, British) are consistent with multinational banks. It’s a timely but very easy read – as much commercial fiction is. There’s sex, murder, betrayal, world politics, and moral lessons learned. There’s a lot to be learned, especially about how far these banks are willing to go to satisfy their often questionable goals.



12 September 2012
by Speciallyi

Loveable characters, rootable main leads and hateable villains

Don’t know much about the stock market world but it was fun having a peep!



14 November 2013
by Balakrishnan

Really enjoyed this book

A hard look at the banking sector. Every serious investor should read this. Having worked on the sell side, I can vouch that every scenario in the book is realistic and shows how honesty and investment banking research are on two opposite sides.



Le Parisien

by Hubert Lizie

Ce recit vertigineux se revele limpide, memes pour les non-inities



City am

25 June 2009
by Jeremy Hazlehurst

Bullets, bombs and books on the front line

He [Moore] has put his experience to good use in this pot-boiling thriller about machinations and the possibility of honour in an environment where nobody else has any… If you want to get some sand between the pages of a plot-driven, sub-Grisham thriller this summer, then this will do the job.



Book Club Forum

27 July 2009
by Honestfi

Books that leave you with no resolution

Of the books read recently, City of Thieves by Cyrus Moore and Trust Me by Jeff Abbot have fairly open conclusions insofar as ‘the fight goes on’ – both excellent, and Moore’s could open a lot of debate (and anger actually).



Mike Ripley Column

27 July 2009
by Mike Ripley

Getting away with murder

Considering its propensity for venality and double-dealing, I find it odd that the City of London and the institutions therein has not been featured in more crime novels than it has. Recent events have certainly raised the profile of the banking industry and only the other day I suffered abuse from some hooded youths on a street corner who attempted in vain to attract my attention with cries of “Oi! You old banker!”.
However, those smashing people at Sphere brought us the debut mystery, City of Thieves by one Cyrus Moore, who I am told was a major player in investment banking in the City ….



Irish Examiner

17 August 2009
by Afric McGlinchey

This is a brilliantly constructed, intelligent, thrilling ride…

… an eye-opener for anyone unfamiliar with the world of corporate finance



Karen McMillan

5 October 2009
for Radiochick, New Zealand

Book of the Week

The current global recession and credit crunch has been headline news for some time so I approached City of Thieves with some interest. It was recommended as a page-turning thriller set in the world of investment banking – and I was curious to see if a book set in the financial world would actually capitvate, or if it would be a dull account of bankers and number-crunching. I admit it took me a couple of couple of chapters to get into the novel, but then it was a fast-paced and exhilarating read … Not since Wall Street or Bonfire of the Vanities has greed and power been so accurately depicted … this modern-day morality tale is a gripping read.



Wheeler’s Bookshop, New Zealand

October 2009
by Wheeler’s Bookshop staff


Billed on the cover as Grisham meets Cityboy this book for me was more like the Charlie sheen / Michael Douglas movie WallStreet of the 80’s but it does stack up. I found it irresistible and took every spare moment I had to immerse myself once again in the book. This is about what happens when you have the perfect life, a great career, girlfriend, money, reputation as a star analyst and one day it is all gone and you are literally caught being the eight-ball having to fight to keep what you had.



Accountancy magazine

May 2010 edition
by Julia Irvine

A novel look at banking

… a rollercoaster, page-turning plot – involving large sums of money, a champagne, sex and fast car lifestyle, investment analysts in clients’ pockets, untrustworthy colleagues and murderous outcomes …



Book Lovers

23 December 2010
by Bookworm

Fast paced

Cyrus Moore’s book City of Thieves shows the murky insider dealings of price fixing and how the big broking houses manipulate share prices for their own and their clients’ gain. The lenghts that these broking houses go to achieve their goals makes this book worth a read.




See this Chinese site for over 40 recent book reviews for “Pirates of the City” (the Chinese edition of “City of Thieves”) where the readers collectively gave it a positive feedback score of 4 out of 5.




See this Chinese site for over 300 recent book reviews for “Pirates of the City” (the Chinese edition of “City of Thieves”) where the readers collectively gave it a positive feedback score of 97.8%.



Amazon China

See this Chinese website for several recent book reveiws for “Pirates of the City” (the Chinese edition of “City of Thieves”) where the readers collectively gave it a positive feedback score of 4 out of 5.



Mystere Jazz

10 June 2011
par Paul Maugendre

On n’en trouve qu’au cinema

Cyrus Moore, qui lui-même est un fin analyste boursier sous le nom de Cyrus Mewawalla, et dont il pourrait être le portrait de Niccolo, nous plonge dans les arcanes des banques et sociétés d’investissement. Dont le mot d’ordre est : “Je ne vous paie pas, les gars, pour être de bons analystes. Je vous paie pour que vous nous gagnez de l’argent.” Tout est résumé dans cette petite phrase. Il existe bien dans l’entreprise un service de déontologie, mais ce n’est qu’une façade, et il ne pèse pas lourd devant l’avidité redoutable des chefs de service. “Ils arnaquent tout le monde ; ils se servent de leur jargon juridique pour que leurs profits acquis par duperie paraissent légaux. Et que fait l’Etat pendant ce temps-là ? Rien ! Il ferme les yeux !” Les grenouillages en tous genres font florès, encouragés au contraire. Tout est bon pour que les profits engrangés soient optimisés. D’ailleurs comme le déclare Larry en réponse à la question “Mais si un analyste a un brusque accès d’intégrité, que ferez-vous pour le convaincre de marcher droit ?” est assez significative de la moralité de ce milieu: “Ce genre de personne n’existe que dans notre imagination. Pure chimère. On n’en trouve qu’au cinéma. Dans la vie réelle, les choses sont beaucoup plus simples que ça. Les enjeux sont trop gros. D’un simple coup de fil, je peux ruiner la vie d’un individu”.

11 September 2013
by Bitan Nath

Our verdict: City of Thieves is a good introduction to the murky world of business thrillers.




A selection of reviews from the world.


31 July 2009
by Mark 1 (New York)

A great City thriller

I have worked in the City of London and on Wall Street for many years and was duly impressed by how realistic the main characters were in this fast paced thriller. In fact this book has such a realistic feel to it I had to stop myself from believing that I had worked with, or for, some of the companies and protaganists.

Building on this base of strong characters the author has woven a complicated but compelling page-turner with a surprise ending. A great fun read..I can only wait for the film.


1 August 2009
by M. Braley (Oxford)

Gripping read, revealing and skilled characterisation

I enjoyed reading this book. Having worked in the City of London the interplay of the characters was realistic enough for me not to want to put this book down. I’m already looking forward to the sequel! As a teacher I could imagine that students would be interested in learning about and discussing City of Thieves.


4 July 2009
by A. Shababi (London)

Lee Child Jnr.

I had never heard of this author before but thought would try his book out. Finished it in 3 days. I am usually a Lee Child type of author fan and must admit this was not far off. Excellent. Once you get into it was hard to put it down. My wife who does not usually read is halfway through it. Can’t wait for the next installment.


10 August 2009
by JJK (London)

A great read – difficult to put down

A believable – but slightly disturbing – thriller based in the City. Once started, this book is difficult to put down until finished. Highly recommended.


14 October 2009
by Nestor Badudoy (London)

Saw this title at the airport , thought “why not” – glad I purchased it! 

I was looking in the bookshop of the airport while waiting for my flight and the title caught my eye, as did the front cover (similar to 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf) and, after reading the synopsis, decided to buy the book. I couldn’t put it down during my 15-hour flight and finished it after 3 days. I thoroughly enjoyed the book from start to finish, being a fan of this type of book (Stephen Frey, Paul Kilduff, John McLaren).


18 January 2010
by Frances S. Peck (UK)

The inside track 

I really enjoyed reading this book! I loved getting the inside track on the financial world, plus the drama and intrigue, glamour and humour. Also really liked the philosophical thread that runs throughout. For me I know a book’s good when I start looking forward to snatching moments in a busy day to read it, and miss its world once I’ve finished. City of Thieves achieved both.


16 August 2010
by First Review (UK)

Utterly gripping

If you have worked in the city this will be a great read for you. If you have not worked in the city it is a MUST read! For a first book the characters have been carved and formed in a strong way but also allow you to add your own interpretation as to their being. The storyline is developed so well you feel you are amongst it. I found myself rationing myself to a few chapters a visit. I hope the characters surface again.


23 December 2010
by Calbrez (UK)

Really good!

Good plot, with several interesting twists. I honestly enjoyed this book and City’s culture is well captured. Worth the money. Highly recommended!


30 January 2011
by R Parker (New Zealand)

A brilliant financial thriller

Cyrus Moore’s City of Thieves is a first rate financial thriller. Using his real life experience as the top telco analyst in London he has written a terrific page turner about how investment banks in the City of London really operate. I can’t wait for his next book.


26 July 2011
by Nightman (UK)

Excellent City thriller

I’ve read a number of City thrillers and this is definitely one of the best … Good plot and decent twists.


24 May 2013
by Natasha

Very good debut – impressed

This was a great romping story and the city milieu/moral dilemma extremely true to life (as an ex-City girl I know these things!), highly recommended, even the tongue-in-cheek name changes of otherwise recognizable City institutions were lightly entertaining and didn’t detract. Very much enjoyed it!


14 June 2013
by F Arnold

Rushed ending

A very interesting read, a novellised version of events that might have taken place in an investment bank during the heady days of the early to mid – 2000s before the crash. Or maybe even after. Some well drawn, if somewhat cliche’d characters. exciting development of narrative for the most part and written in such a way that the layman (ie a non-financial person) would easily understand. For the most part I enjoyed it and read it very quickly (always a good sign) but I felt the ending was a bit hurried after what had preceded it. having said that I would look out for another book of this type by Cyrus Moore.


15 March 2014
by PimilicoWolf

The only truth these days is fiction

Well written great characters and almost believable. For those who know and love the city life, this is a great read. Just fill in your own characters.


7 July 2014
by Ian Murray

Nicollo and Goliath … Great plot which keeps you guess and just hoping the legend is taken down

Really enjoyable read with well thought out finish. Recommend strongly. Story that forgets legends and forgets about too big too fail.


7 May 2015
by Holness19

Very good

A thrill ride well written book – highly entertaing and a good read – keeps your attention all the way through


12 July 2015
by FM

I loved this book!!

Brilliant ! This book is written by a man who obviously has insight into a world where many of us have not experienced and never will . Although it’s fictional it’s fun and interesting to believe that the characters could be real given the authors background . It does get a bit complex in places – BUT read on right to the end ! You will not be disappointed !


3 August 2015
by DJT

It is not usually my type of book but I have thoroughly enjoyed this. If I had one small criticism

I must confess that the book has become ‘unputdownable’ with many a cliff-hanger between chapters. It is not usually my type of book but I have thoroughly enjoyed this. If I had one small criticism , it would be that some of the written language used can be a little too ‘stereotypical’ or ‘done for effect’. In my humble opinion, calling younger colleagues ‘kiddo’ rarely, if ever happens. Maybe its my limited experience in which case I apologise. All in all, I would highly recommend this book.


12 December 2015
by JS

Loved it

I read this on holiday, and it was a real suspense read, I am not a big fan of reading, I only ever do it on holiday when by the pool. But this book, I found myself reading it in the room when my wife was getting ready, by the pool, on flights, in airports, on the loo – too much info – basically any excuse I got to read I found, and I polished it off in record time. I really really enjoyed it, and as I write this my wife is just about to read it too ….. Good work author, very good book.


25 June 2019
by Constance Betty Cooper


Well researched but entertaining novel with an interesting back story. An insight into the workings and characters in the city of London.


7 May 2020
by Amazon Customer

Fantastic thriller and intriguing insight into the world of Investment Banking

We all suspect there are shady practices in the world of investment banking. This novel is an excellent lens into this world and a real page turning thriller. I managed to get through it in 4 days and thoroughly enjoyed the writing style and pace, as well as the characters are all very vividly brought to life. It shows you the dark underbelly of Investment Banks and how they work. Also the struggle of a man trying to do the right thing whilst everyone around him turns a blind eye for personal gain, and just how far some are willing to go to make money.